Event RegistrationSuggested Min
Start Time2016 Times
The Super Serious Run£24.50£2009.30amClick here
The Serious Run£14.50£1510.00amClick here
The Little Run£10.50£1010.30amClick here

Sunday 6th March 2016

Let us introduce the races to you!!!!

The Super Serious Run – 17.3 miles, ‘Snails Pace Cafe’, Wenfordbridge to Padstow
The Serious Run – 11 miles, ‘The Borough Arms’ to Padstow
The Little Run – 5.5 miles,  ‘Lidl Car Park ‘Wadebridge To Padstow


The Super Serious Run – 09.30am

The Super Serious Run will start at Wenfordbridge and finish in Padstow. This 17.3 mile stretch is a flat trail run with no obstacles and just a few gates. The trail is well worn as it attracts 400,000 people per year. Its scenery is stunning and passes through woodland and open pathways along the estuary, ending in Padstow. This run is perfect for those who want the distance but not the endurance of hills and fell running. Also great for pre marathon training as your ‘long run’.

You must register for this race at 08.00am – 09.00am at ‘Snails Pace Cafe’, Wenfordbridge, PL30 3PN. (THIS IS A DROP OFF ZONE ONLY DUE TO INCREASE IN NUMBERS) NOTE: we will NOT be providing buses back to any locations this year.




The Serious Run – 10:00

The Serious Run will start at ‘The Borough Arms’ in Bodmin and finish in Padstow. This 11 mile run is a flat trail run with no obstacles or gates. The trail is well worn and its scenery is stunning, passing through woodland and open pathways along the estuary, ending in Padstow.

You must register for this race at 08.30am – 09.30m at ‘Borough Arms’, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2RD, 01208 73118. There is plenty of FREE parking available.




The Little Run – 10:30 (children and families now welcome)

The Little Run will start at Wadebridge and will end up in Padstow. This 5.5 mile run is the smaller of the runs and yet is still a challenge! The trail is flat with no obstacles or gates. The trail is well worn and its scenery is stunning and passes through woodland and open pathways along the estuary. Why not run this as a personal challenge or kick start your run training and build up to one of the longer runs next year. This is also perfect for families.

You must register at 08.30am – 09.30am The Cafe by the Trail , Eddystone Rd, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7AL. There is plenty of FREE parking available at Lidl’s where you must collect a token at registration.






What happens at each race

You will be asked to register before your race start time. Depending on where you are starting your race from, there will be a ‘Big Run’ team member to meet you, register you and answer any questions you might have. Times for registration above.

There will be water, a medal and a FREE pint of delicious Sharp’s beer for every runner at the end of the race!!!!

How to get there (Please refer to the addresses below)

1. Little Run – Lidl supermarket car park, Eddystone Rd, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7AL, 0870 444 1234. There is plenty of FREE parking available. Then cross the road to The Cafe next to Bridge Bike Hire at the entrance to the trail.

2. Serious Run –  ‘Borough Arms’, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2RD, 01208 73118. There is plenty of FREE parking available.

3. Super Serious Run – ‘Snails Pace Cafe’ Wenfordbridge, PL30 3PN. There is limited FREE parking available. You will be contacted before the race to discuss.

By train

The nearest train station is Bodmin Parkway. You will have to get a bus or taxi to the start lines. Buses are limited in Cornwall and run slower and less frequently over the weekends. Sundays are even worse.


There are plenty of parking spaces available at the Little Run and the Serious Run start lines. Please note we will be able to give one car park token per runner. This entitles the car to stay in that car park on that day only. The Super Serious Run IS NOW A DROP OFF ZONE ONLY due to the increase in runners.


There will be an information point at the start areas and our registration team will answer any of your questions.


There will be a mobile cloakroom which will take any belongings safely to the finish line. You will check your bag in at the start of your race to a manned baggage area, for you to leave your bags. These will then be driven to the finish line in Padstow for you to collect from the Sea Cadets Building. The Big Run cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged baggage. Please pick your bags up immediately after the race.

Car keys

If you wish to leave your car keys, you may check these in at registration and will be given an envelope with a number on to place them inside and tagged with your race number. These will too be driven to the finish line and may be collected when you arrive.


When you finish the race, you will have the opportunity to use the ‘Sea Cadets building’ as our pop up changing rooms. You should arrive in your running clothes but please bring another complete set of warm clothing with you. Please note, there are NO SHOWERS.


You may get slightly muddy and wet depending on weather. We recommend that you wear a synthetic T-shirt or long sleeve shirt on your upper body and possibly some running tights on your legs. The materials should ideally wick away sweat and dry quickly when wet. Cotton is not good at this. Technical breathable fabrics are perfect for this event and are strongly recommended. Remember, cotton gets heavy when wet.


Normal road running shoe will be suitable if you do not have an off-road shoe. The trail is flat and compacted earth. You will run through Wadebridge Town Centre briefly if you are running the Super Serious or the Serious runs.

iPod, MP3′s?

We strongly discourage the use of any equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration when competing. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones, personal stereos, iPod’s and other MP3 players. The Big Run cannot be responsible for accidents resulting from racing with such equipment.


This course is straight, flat and long! It varies in ground, but is mostly compacted earth at the start of the trail and then becomes concrete for the Little Runners. Only Super Serious and Serious Runners will have to run thought Wadebridge Town Centre. Marshalls will guide you along the trail and course closers will make sure everyone is safely off the trail and finished. It’s hard to get lost!


We will be timing runners this year. Due to the annual timing system, we may take a few days to put the times up on the website, but we will do our best to do this within 24 hours.

First aid

Medical support will be present on the course and at the finish. You should be running fit and have no known medical conditions that would place your health in danger. Please note – do not run if you are feeling unwell at all. This can be extremely dangerous. Please seek expert medical advice if you have any health concerns prior to the race.


Toilets are located in the Start and finish area. There are toilets just off the trail at The Borough Arms and The Camel Trail Tea Room. We will sign these for you.


Water will be available on the course and at the registration areas, although we encourage you to bring your own prior to the race. There will be water stops along the route at appropriate intervals. Last year we did not have enough – so this year we have added more!


You will be given medal and free pint of delicious Sharp’d Beer after the race.

Winners will this year be awarded a prize.

Hot food & drink

A variety of items will be available for purchase at the start lines and finish area. Snails Pace café, The Borough Arms and Pop will have drinks and light snacks and the same at The Borough Arm’s.

Padstow Town Centre is a short walk from the finish line.


Runners are asked to make their own way to and from the races. Note that the Super Serious Race is a drop off zone only. We are looking into a car share option on our website – FB page. Time to rope in your friends and family! Last year was logistically very difficult trying to co-ordinate buses so we made the decision to stop this service.

Bike hire

You can hire bikes from Padstow Cycle Hire (next to the Lobster Hatchery) to cycle back to your Wadebridge where you can leave them with Bridge Bike Hire. Please arrange prior to the race day with independent cycle hire companies in the area.

Padstow Cycle Hire – SouthQuay, Padstow, PL28 8BL. Tel: 01841 533533

Bridge Bike Hire – Eddystone Rd, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 7AL. Tel 01208 813050

Friends and Family

Spectators can watch the runners arrive in Padstow but there will be little shelter! We suggest you bring your umbrella in the case of rain. We all know the English weather!!

  • If there are family members or friends that are at a loose end, we would be forever grateful if they wish to partake in supporting the event as a marshall or running a water stop. We heavily rely on volunteers! Thank you. [email protected]


The National Lobster Hatchery FREE ENTRY

Every runner will get FREE access into the National Lobster Hatchery. Come and look where your money goes, to this fabulous and important charity.



Your Number pinned to your top

A full change of clothing.

Money for tea/coffee/food/kit.

To eat a healthy meal and to avoid alcohol the night before the event.

To eat something light and drink plenty of water prior to the event.

To leave enough time to get there with plenty of time to spare.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

*no under 16’s for Super Serious Race. If the event is cancelled monies raised will be donated to the National Lobster Hatchery.